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Grants and projects

In the summer of 2022, SEABOTS conducted prospecting activities as part of the PORTS4ALL project at the Marina de Palamós in Girona. The project aimed to restore marine ecosystems in port infrastructures using digital tools in the context of the connected industry 4.0. SEABOTS utilized the versatile SB 100 PRO surface vehicle to install 3D-printed BioBoosting Systems (BBS) for marine regeneration. These systems mimic coral materials and aid in the recovery of degraded marine fauna and flora. The SB 100 PRO, equipped with a multibeam sonar, collected data on flora growth, species attraction, and other parameters. The project also explored advanced artificial intelligence (machine learning) to predict sewerage discharges near the port, crucial for mitigating negative impacts on water quality. The initiative received funding from the Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Tourism through the AEIs call and the Recovery, Transformation, and Resilience Plan.

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