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GPASEABOTS to participate in an EU-funded immersive technologies project

GPASEABOTS, the GPAINNOVA group company specializing in naval robotics and technologies for the exploration and conservation of the marine environment, will be one of the participants in the Inmerbot project. The initiative, which revolves around research into immersive and sensory technologies for collaborative industrial robotic inspection environments, will bring together seven other Spanish firms from the technology sector.

Inmermot will be financed by the Next Generation EU Recovery Fund, a European Union fund to promote strategic projects for economic recovery and transformation. To be eligible, candidate projects must be linked to renewable energy, water, waste management, air pollution reduction, circular economy or sustainable mobility.

The Science and Innovation Missions Program

GPASEABOTS' application, evaluated by the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI), is part of the call for the Science and Innovation Missions 2021 program, which grants subsidies for R&D&I projects in large companies and SMEs in Spain. In the case of GPASEABOTS, the aid granted amounts to €278,823.

This is a consortium project led by the company TSK Electrónica y Electricidad, S.A., and made up of the following companies: Digital, S.L.; Alpha Syltec Ingeniería, S.L.P.; Aplicaciones y Proyectos TIC, S.L.; Centro de Oberservación y Teledetección Espacial, S.A.; E-Capture Research and Development, S.L., and Robotnik Automation, S.L.L.

The initiative will be carried out at the Leitat Research Centre, where the GPASEABOTS team will work on the research and development of new algorithms. The project, which will be coordinated by Doit-Development, will enable GPASEABOTS to research and implement technologies that will directly improve drones for underwater inspection and coordination between robots.

GPASEABOTS' parent company, GPAINNOVA, has also been favourably evaluated by CDTI for its participation in a project on artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT), aimed at creating complex 5.0 production processes. However, this company will not be able to access financial aid due to budget restrictions in the current call for proposals.


Established in Barcelona in May 2019 as a spin-off of the GPAINNOVA technology platform, GPASEABOTS focuses its activity on the development of solutions based on marine robotics, such as anchor buoys equipped with a technology to gather microplastics, hybridization, and automation technologies for recreational vessels and Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USVs) for sheltered waters.

Depending on the integrated instruments or accessories, USVs can carry out tasks in the fields of cartography, hydrology, water analysis, maritime rescue, surveillance and water clean-up. They can also be used to access restricted, difficult-to-navigate or dangerous areas. GPASEABOTS currently markets waterborne drones such as the SB 100 PRO, the smallest and most versatile multi-tasking USV on the market, and the SB 100 Cleaner, designed for water cleaning in ports, marinas and beaches.

To date, GPASEABOTS has installed more than a hundred buoys on various beaches in Catalonia and Castelló (Spain), to study the state of their waters and thus contribute to the preservation of the fauna and flora of the Mediterranean coastline.

In 2019, a few months after its creation, GPASEABOTS was granted the Fuera de Serie (Exceptional) Design & Innovation Awards, in the category of Sustainability, organized by the Spanish press house Unidad Editorial, and the 2nd Award at the Nautic Tech International Investment Forum. In March last year, GPASEABOTS received the Innovative SME seal from the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation.

For further information:


C/ Maracaibo, 1, sheds 2-6. 08030 Barcelona

Telephone: (+34) 931 256 536

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