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GPASEABOTS adapts its USVs to 4G wireless network environments

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

GPASEABOTS, GPAINNOVA Group company specializing in marine robotics, has just presented a new version of its drone, the most versatile ultra-compact USV (Unmanned Surface Vehicle) on the market. It has been specifically created to work in 4G wireless network environments. Designed and manufactured under the ready-to-nav concept, it consists in a versatile and multifunctional platform that can host all types of payloads. Depending on the accessories, the SB 100 PRO USVs can carry out a wide range of tasks linked to hydrography, water analysis, mooring inspection, research, SAR (Search and Rescue) and surface water cleaning. These floating vehicles can access restricted areas and locations that can be dangerous for people or difficult to navigate.

Benefits of the New Marine Drone

The SB 100 PRO, which has been perfected with hardware and software updates, offers the most complete equipment for operating in sheltered waters (seas, oceans, rivers, dams and lakes). The drone counts on a new GNSS electronic plate, with a simple GPS RTK 3B heading based on Septentrio Mosaic, equipped with an improved, user-friendly and user-adapted control interface. Its battery level monitoring system has been also been upgraded, as well as the NUC processor (from an i5 to an i7 processor). Finally, the Blackbox’s internal components have also been enhanced in order to increase performance, speed and durability.

The complete pack, which includes a ground station and an antenna tripod, can establish a network connection between the shore and the USV with local Wi-Fi. It allows to operate with a remote desktop or with a remote desktop software (if there is 4G service in the area). Even if the drone is working without wireless Internet coverage, the SB 100 PRO is noted for its RTK (Real Time Kinematic) accuracy.

This USV allows to establish a fixed base by means of a GPS antenna tripod connected to the briefcase of the base station. With this fixed base, RTK corrections can be sent to the USV via a radio link. This option enables the drone to work when there is no 4G, and therefore RTK corrections cannot be received directly by a USV through an NTRIP protocol.

The New SB 100 PRO S, the Most Affordable USV

For basic operations in inland waters, GPASEBOTS counts on a more economical option, the SB 100 PRO S, whose final cost is under €30,000. Unlike the premium version, the pack does not include neither the base station nor the antenna tripod, which makes possible an easier, faster deployment. The SB 100 PRO S allows to work in areas without 4G and achieves a precise RTK based on NTRIP on the USV.

To connect and access the USV, a laptop or a tablet is required. Regarding the connection between the shore and the drone, it can be established through a remote desktop software (for example, TeamViewer, AnyDesk, SupremoControl, etc. The 4G is needed on the USV and on the ground device to establish the connection. Concerning the RTK accuracy, it is achieved by connecting the USV to a virtual station and receiving corrections via NTRIP (4G) directly to the USV.

Both versions, the SB 100 PRO and the SB 100 PRO S, are already available on GPASEABOTS' website. Orders can be placed from now on. Differences between the two versions can be checked here.


Created in Barcelona in May 2019 as a spin-off of the technology company GPAINNOVA, GPASEABOTS focuses its activity on the development of solutions based on naval engineering. Its portfolio includes automation and hybridization technologies for recreational boats (eBlue Series), smart anchored buoys to filter microplastics on the water surface; USVs and other solutions to explore and preserve marine environments.

GPSASEABOTS is currently involved in projects focused on socio-occupational integration and threatened and endangered species, like the Posidonia oceanica (Neptune grass). Between 2020 and 2021, its team installed more than one hundred buoys on several beaches in the East of Spain to study their status, and thus contribute to preserve the Mediterranean coast.

The company has been awarded the Sustainability Award at the 2019 Design and Innovation Out of Series Awards, promoted by the Spanish publishing group Unidad Editorial, and the 2nd award from the Nautic Tech International Investment Forum in 2019.

For further information:


C/ Maracaibo, 1, sheds 2-6. 08030 Barcelona

Telephone number: (+34) 931 256 536

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